2016 Halfway State of Gaming

The year is half over. There has been a lot going on in gaming. Here are my thoughts about some random things. Virtual Reality VR is amazing. I absolutely love my HTC Vive. Right now, it feels like most of the titles available fall into one (or multiple) of the following categories: experimental, cash grabs, […]

Obligatory Overwatch Post

It’s fun. It is what I loved about vanilla Team Fortress 2 and yet more awesome. I haven’t enjoyed PvP this much in forever. Well… at least since TF2 went free-2-play-pay-for-hats. That is all.

First Contact with the HTC Vive and SteamVR

The technology is amazing. The games will come. Someday. I was immediately enthralled. Inflating baloons during the setup tutorial and then pushing them around and popping them. I’m pretty sure I was hooked right then. Lack of great games be damned – the technology is great. Currently, most of the games that make full use […]

2016 Gaming Outlook

It’s already February. I should probably focus on writing things like this sooner. It is the year 2016! Last year, my most anticipated game was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and I was not let down. Here are some games I am looking forward to this year. Blade & Soul This Korean MMO is getting […]

The Amazing State of Self-hosted Gitlab

This is the happy follow up to this post. In our previous adventure, I had left off with praising Go Git Service as a self-hosted solution. Let me start this post off with saying that I still like and appreciate what Gogs is doing. It is just still a little too immature of a project […]

The Sad State of Gitlab

You might remember my post about switching from Bitbucket to Gitlab (and therefore from using Mercurial to Git) earlier this year. This is a follow-up of sorts. I now find myself, once again, dissatisfied with my source control host. I love what Gitlab offers, don’t get me wrong! Being able to create/manage repos with any […]

ARK Survival Diary – The Dark is Scary

I had forgotten how scary the dark can be. For the last several weeks, I have been heavily hanging around Pride Rock and the nearby beaches and riverbeds. There is a decent amount of light there at night; both the large obelisk and the moon give off a good deal of illumination. Last night, I […]

Ark Survival Diary – Day 105

We have come to realize that we need metal. Lots of it. Dahnii remembered seeing ore-heavy rocks on the mountain, K2. Therein is our current problem: last time we were at K2, it was by accident and it was a pretty big disaster. So, we have begun planning for a large expedition. We will need […]

ARK Survival Diary – Day 97

Day 97 and following. Prophetess is sick with something. I am not sure what it is but she has been lying there unconscious for several days now. I am thinking of building a quarantine on the opposite side of the island and dragging her there. We have been spending a lot of time gathering resources […]

ARK Survival Diary – Day 73

Day 73 and following. Gamra and Blue are dead. I got them tangled up in a fight with a stegosaurus that was stuck in some trees. I didn’t see the mate nearby before attacking. Jane and I decided to go find and tame a few raptors; they make great mounts and body guards and I also wanted […]